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よろしく! ❀◡‿◡) ❤


Please don't PM me for request anything.

If you wanna request something please do it HERE.

Currently not taking friend request 
unless we know each other from somewhere =)
Sorry but my F-list has becoming so big
and i want to have time to post all my friends.

thanks minaro for the lovely banner ! <3 

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yama sexy *.*


 Hi everyone, this time i'm asking you for your help, i'm not really good at japanese language, actually i can barely read hiragana or katakana's characters xD so if you want to help me i'll aprreciate a lot.  THANK YOU.
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yama sexy *.*

i'm back :)

 Isashiburi guys!

I miss you that much that i decided it back to LJ. 
I'm gonna tell you why i leave my lovely journal. 
I got a job that is pretty much a jail XD
really! i'm like a slave from there, i have no life.

Actually my main reason is that i waited so long for a new album of HSJ that i got sick xD
i'll never leave the fandom, but now i'm starting to love very much K-POP, well actually only 2 bands:
SUJU and DBSK, so if one of you is fan of this pretty boys, please let me know ;)

i'm gonna try to keep uploading videos and stuff of HSJ, but i'm worry because my source is not uploading videos anymore, so help me! If you know where can get those things.

I hope you remember me.

With love:


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yama sexy *.*

F-CUT, gomen ne~


Your journal is not update (more than 3 months) / You have less than 10 entries
You added me, i added you back but you don't comment in my entries.
You moved to a new journal.
You don't like HSJ / Yamada.

If you can't see THIS entry, you've been cut.

All of you who often comment here, I appreciate you a lot <3
Because I know you still read and still care.
Those who I've cut, if you think it was a mistake, comment and we'll talk things out.
No hard feelings.
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